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​Privacy Rights Webform

If you are a resident of a state or country that provides certain privacy rights to you, you may use the form below to exercise those rights. For purposes of this form, the term “Personal Data” includes both “Personal Information” and “Personal Data” as defined by applicable law. If your Personal Data is subject to a privacy law in your state or country, you may have certain privacy rights with regard to that information. You may have the right to:


  • Know, access, and confirm your Personal Data.

  • Delete the Personal Data we have about you, subject to exceptions under applicable law.

  • Correct inaccuracies in your Personal Data.

  • Obtain your Personal Data in a portable and readily usable format.

  • Opt-out of the use or processing of your Personal Data for profiling or targeted advertising.

  • Opt-out of the sale of your Personal Data.


These rights are subject to exemptions under applicable law.

Please note that Vista does not sell Personal Data or share Personal Data about you for purposes of cross-context behavioral advertising, profiling, or targeted advertising. Until such time as we change our practices and update our Privacy Policy, we will treat all Personal Data we collect as subject to a “do not sell” or “do not share” request. Not all disclosures of Personal Data are prohibited under applicable law. For example, we may share your Personal Data with third parties for certain business purposes, as described in our Privacy Policy.

If you wish to know, access or confirm your Personal Data; request deletion of your Personal Data; correct inaccuracies in your Personal Data, or obtain your Personal Data in a readily usable format, please submit your request through this form. We will contact you at the email you provide to us.

You may authorize an agent to make requests on your behalf. If you use an agent, we will take measures to verify your agent’s authorization. We may require more information to ensure proper verification of you and your agent’s identity and authorization.

Request Information

Please select which right(s) you wish to exercise:

By submitting this form, you affirm that the information you provide above is accurate and that you are a resident or the agent of a resident of a state or country that provides the privacy rights you have requested above. By submitting your contact information, you agree that we may contact you and collect additional information regarding your request, to confirm your email address, or to verify your identity.

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