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Retail Growth Intelligence Model

We use our data and analytics systems coupled with strategic analysis to help retailers of all sizes prepare for strategic growth and develop a comprehensive retail growth intelligence strategy.

How It Works

Analyze Existing Sites

To help you develop a comprehensive growth strategy, our software will analyze all of your existing sites.  

Determine why the high performers do well

We will determine what sets the top performing retail locations apart from the others.

Let our model do the work 

We use our model with data on the best performing sites to determine how many new locations you can open and where they should be located. 

Retail Checkout Counter

Our model looks at: 

  • Area Demographics 

  • Traffic Counts

  • Credit Card Spending Data

  • Proximity to Other Retailers 

  • Physical Location in a Shopping Center

What happens next: 

Each location is assigned a score based on the above information.  Only the locations with the highest scores are used in the model.  ​

The Retail Growth Intelligence Model then reviews communities across the U.S. against the same factors listed above

The model produces a Retail Growth Intelligence Report that outlines where and how many locations a retailer can open to meet the high scoring metrics. 

Contact Us

If you're interested in getting access to the Retail Growth Intelligence Model. 

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