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Area Overview Report

The Area Overview Report provides a comprehensive analysis of any area’s demographic landscape to assist economic development organizations and businesses in making strategic, well-informed decisions.

An Interactive Dashboard

This Vista Site Selection tool offers subscribers an interactive dashboard featuring important site selection data and analytics about a specific location.  


An Area Overview Report can be generated for any tailored location, whether it’s a county, city, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) or state, offering a wide variety of geographical possibilities for analysis and decision-making.


To view an example Area Overview Report, click here.

How It Works

Provide your location

Provide specific the location you’d like to examine the demographic data for. A report can be generated for any location.

Let the Model Work

The Area Overview Report  will take the location provided and generate a holistic demographic analysis of the area. 

Interact with you Data

Your report will include a dashboard allowing you to manipulate key factors and interact with area heat maps.

Mature Businessman

Based on your Provided Location, You’ll Receive Data on:

  • Socioeconomic Segmentation

    • In-depth profiles on a population subset’s demographics and values including:

      • Head of household age and education

      • Estimated household income

      • Home ownership, estimated current home value and length of residency

      • Household size and age of children

    • A heat map showing where each subset lives in the requested area

  • Broad Area Demographics

    • Current and projected population size

    • Number of households and their average size

    • Living wage of population per household

    • Household positioning in relation to the poverty line

    • Number of units occupied vs. units vacant

  • Occupation

    • The top industries individuals are currently working in

    • Average travel time to individuals’ current place of employment

    • Average expenditure per year


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Contact Us

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