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We know that when a company makes a decision to expand or move, that is just the first step.  Each decision and each business is unique and, as such, requires specific factors in order to be successful. We understand the complexities and potential roadblocks clients often face in building new facilities, as well as the long-term challenges of managing ongoing operations. We offer each of our clients customized site selection data, analysis, advice and incentives negotiation.

Our interdisciplinary experience sets us apart from other site selection companies. It positions us to ask the right questions to select the most optimal sites.   We understand that the details and driving factors are unique to each and every project. We help our clients streamline their efforts and provide the necessary site selection data, analytics, and information to facilitate sound business decisions to maximize the overall return on capital.  We are driven by helping companies across various industries find the right location and maximize the benefits of that location.

Our Site Selection Process

Define Project Criteria

We begin by understanding a company’s needs and preferences. We ask a lot of questions to make sure we have the most comprehensive understanding of a business and the project as possible. Asking the right questions, even simple ones, helps us get to the right answers.

Identify a Market and Complete an Evaluation

During this phase, we compare markets based on a specific set of standards developed for the project. These standards will likely include but are not limited to supply chain needs, available labor, overall tax burden, and potential federal, state and local incentives. Our site selection software allows us to easily compile and analyze these standards in an efficient and effective manner.

Analyze the Costs and Benefits of Each Market Relative to One Another

Our site selection data and analytics team develops a weighted decision matrix that can be used to evaluate a set of choices against a set of criteria. This powerful quantitative technique is an exceptionally useful tool that helps our clients choose the best option and based on the data for a wide range of criteria.

Public and Private Partnership Strategy Development

Developing internal and external confidentiality protocols and communications and project engagement strategy are key to ensuring consistency of message and maximizing the positive impact of that message. Our vast experience, relationships and access to senior economic development officials across North America provide us with unparalleled insight into the differing needs, wants and viewpoints of each state and locality under review.

Site Identification, Project Impact Development and Negotiation

With potential sites identified, our site selection professionals will analyze the economic impact and tax revenue propositions of the project. We will then get to work contacting economic development leaders at the state and local levels in a confidential manner in each market to negotiate initial economic development incentive packages for the project. The types of specific credits will vary by state, municipality, and often down to the precise street address.

Site Recommendations

Why do we do what we do? To help our clients mitigate risk while also finding the best location possible for their operations to flourish. When we recommend a short list of sites we do so based on the specific needs of our client and their project, so they know they have a tailored solution to their needs. Our site selection process is proven, time-tested and rigorous, and allows our clients to make an immensely informed decision. When it’s time to present a short-list of locations to senior management and board, our clients will do so with the information, analysis and insight that create a bedrock of confidence for all the stakeholders reviewing and approving of the project.

Final Site Selection

As an ancillary business of the Vorys law firm, we understand that the details matter. When making the decision on a final site, our team will ensure that prior to any commitment being made, ‘the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.” Entering into an agreement with public and quasi-public entities must be done so carefully and with eyes wide open. Our team has immense experience in negotiating the business terms and assisting our clients wherever possible to ensure that all requirements and parameters are fully understood and are as beneficial to our clients as possible, so when the time comes to publicly announce the project, our clients feel assured they are making the best decision.

After the Announcement

Our services and support of our clients do not end after the successful announcement and memorialization of the project. Ensuring our clients actually receive the benefits and helping them through the compliance process is another core strength of our company. It is important that our clients understand the public awareness & exposure of their award (and performance), annual obligations, risks, default penalties and amendment potential, among others. We offer support and a range of services and associated time parameters all based on the specific needs of each project and client: we will customize support based on our client’s needs, not based on a cookie cutter approach.

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