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Using Site Selection Data Analysis Software to Provide Fiber Optic Internet Access

Today, let’s use our site selection software and models to demonstrate how Vista Site Selection can use data to identify regions where providing fiber optic internet service will find its best audience.


For the purpose of this case study, we’ll focus on the state of Michigan. Using our proprietary model, let’s try to find the single best location to lay fiber optic cable. Finding this ideal location will combine a number of factors: We’ll want to consider where there is a large audience for that service, but also where we can limit costs by laying the minimum amount of cable.


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Starting at the most general level, we’ll use our model to identify the county in Michigan with the highest demand for fiber optic internet.


The data in our model shows that Wayne County has the highest number of addresses without fiber optic access, more than 600,000. This makes sense, as the county sits on the south side of Detroit, the state’s most densely populated city.


Now, let’s tighten our target within that area.


Looking at the data, we see that the most dense batch of addresses without fiber optic is clustered around downtown Detroit. Our information indicates that the area with the most addresses lacking fiber optic (more than 5,500) also has a median age of 36, an age that correlates well with a tech-savvy audience.


There is one downside, however. The median household income in this area is $29,415, which doesn’t bode well for marketing a service like fiber optic. Using our model, we can filter for areas where the median household income is at least $70,000, a better target.


Using this filter, we can identify an area outside of Detroit’s historic Dearborn neighborhood, which features more than 2,200 addresses without fiber optic. Not nearly as many as downtown, but it has an average household income of more than $100,000. Just as important, it also has a median age of 38, which corresponds to that tech-friendly market that we’re trying to target.


Like how we used data and analytics to identify an ideal market for potential fiber optic users in Michigan? Reach out and learn more about how Vista Site Selection can help you on your next project.



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